Barrancas House

Year: 2014
Location: Mexico City
Area: 7,750 sq ft / 720 sqm
Architecture and interior design: Ezequiel Farca + Cristina Grappin
Design Team: Fernanda de la Mora
Photography: Roland Halbe, Jaime Navarro

Restoration and renovation of a 1970’s home with no character. Modernizing the space, we created moments of discovery throughout the home, and took advantage of the home’s views towards the neighboring woods. Floor to ceiling glass draws in natural light and frames the exterior view without compromising the comfort and intimacy of the inhabitants. The home’s new hallways lead to multifunctional spaces achieved through movable screen walls, hidden doors, and wide open spaces with operable bay windows. Each part of the program is independent allowing simultaneous activities of the inhabitants at the same time. The landscape features locally appropriate plantings with a green roof and green walls. Sustainable elements also include solar power and a grey water reuse system.