Year: 2016
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA.
Area: 10,179 sq ft / 944 sqm
Architect: Belzberg Architects

It is a residential project in collaboration with Belzberg Architects. It consists of two bodies superimposed and strategically placed on the ground in relief. The upper body, with louvered facade, contains the bedrooms and floats over an informal lounge and the kitchen, intercepted on the ground floor is a body structured in wood and finished in matt white plaster, this is a covered terrace framing the wooded landscape.

The marble travertine predominates in the floor, unifying social and service areas, with walls covered in volcanic stone to establish the metaphor of emerging from the earth. We generate a coherent architecture that dialogues with its natural context, placing itself carefully to take advantage of the views and generate thermal comfort within the home.