Xochimilco II, 2021

2021 meant a year of great challenges and changes for everyone at Ezequiel Farca Studio.

As every year, since 1995, we respond to the trust that our clients place in each one of us with dedication and enthusiasm to solve the challenges that each project represents.

Internally, our study underwent changes that have allowed us to strengthen the work of each of the members of this team, of this community.

Thanks to the sanitary conditions that have allowed us to free ourselves little by little from social distancing, we decided to celebrate all the good things that 2021 brought for us with a gastronomic and cultural experience at Arca Tierra, a meeting place in Xochimilco (Mexico City, MX), for peasant farmers and people who live in the city, interested in eating a healthy diet and supporting the countryside.

As part of the experience, we enjoyed a magnificent menu made with organic products, from the same chinampa where we were. In the same way, the Arca Tierra team complemented with an enriching talk, all the beautiful things that we could see since we arrived at the pier and until we left, back to the intensity of urban life.

The year-end experience at Arca Tierra allowed us to find ourselves together as a team and, above all, to rethink the future of Ezequiel Farca Studio as a community, working and solving problems –and projects– together.

Photo: Sofía González Noriega

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